Bresser Hunter 16x50 Binoculars

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  • Марка: Bresser
  • Кат. номер: 24482
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Bresser Hunter 16x50 – one of the most reliable and universal binoculars. This model will be particularly appreciated by hunters who need to track their prey at a considerable distance. The Porro-prism design and BK-7 high-quality glass optics with anti-reflective coating provide excellent color reproduction. A 50mm lens is enough to provide excellent viewing results in the daytime.

Improved body design also contributes to the success of the model. Despite the fact that these binoculars are not the lightest and most compact, they are very popular and loved by travelers and hunters who appreciate image quality and ease of use. The design of the binoculars allows diopters and interpupillary distance adjustment. The binoculars feature central focusing. This model can also be used with a tripod, which is extremely convenient for long-term observations.

The kit includes:
Bresser Hunter 16x50 Binoculars
Protection caps for objective and eyepiece
Cleaning wipe
User manual

Magnification, x: 16
Type: Porro prism
Optics material: BK-7 glass
Optics coating: fully coated, blue
Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm: 50
Exit pupil diameter, mm: 3.1
Twilight factor: 28.28
Relative brightness: 9.77
Field of view, °: 4.17
Field of view, m/1000 m: 73
Close focus, m: 7
Focusing: central
Weight, kg: 0.778
Dimensions, mm: 167x197x68

Марка Bresser GmbH, Germany
Гаранция, years 10
Размер на опаковката (Д x Ш x В), cm 20x8x21.5
Транспортно тегло, kg 1.06
Тип на призмата Поро
Увеличение, x 16
Диаметър на лещата на обектива (апертура), mm 50.0
Материал на оптиката BK-7
Покритие на лещите с цялостно покритие, син
Изходен диаметър на зеницата, mm 3.1
Коефициент на здрач 28.28
Относителна яркост 9.77
Зрително поле, ° 4.17
Зрително поле, m/1000 m 73
Близък фокус, m 7
Регулиране на фокуса централно
Размер класически
Приложение лов и риболов, военен/полеви