Bresser Nautic 7x50 WP/CMP Binoculars

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  • Марка: Bresser
  • Кат. номер: 26746
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Bresser Nautic 7x50 WP/CMP are classic marine binoculars with 7x magnification power. The waterproof rubber-armored shell can withstand a short under-water immersion (up to 3 meters depth). The body is filled with nitrogen, which protects the optics from fogging when the temperature changes rapidly. A multilayer dark blue optical coating provides high-quality views of observed objects. The large diameter of the lens allows using the binoculars in low light conditions; for example, at dusk.

A special feature of this model is the built-in 360° compass with illumination. A convenient grid allows you to determine the distance to the object, knowing its size, or vice versa, to determine the size of the object, knowing the distance. For even more convenience, there is a built-in information panel illumination powered by batteries.

The model has interpupillary distance and diopter adjustment mechanisms. The Bresser Nautic 7x50 WP/CMP Binoculars can be mounted on a tripod.

Classic marine binoculars
Built-in compass with illumination
Waterproof rubber-armored shell can withstand a short under-water immersion (up to 3 meters depth)
Adaptable to a tripod
Multilayer dark blue optical coating

The kit includes:
Bresser Nautic 7x50 WP/CMP Binoculars
Protective caps
Cleaning wipe
2 LR43 batteries
User manual

Magnification, x: 7
Type: Porro prism
Optics material: BaK-4 glass
Optics coating: multicoated, anti-reflective
Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm: 50
Twilight factor: 18.71
Relative brightness: 51.02
Field of view, m / 1000 m: 124
Close focus, m: 5
Waterproof: Yes
Dimensions, mm: 210x165x70
Weight, kg: 1.025

Марка Bresser GmbH, Germany
Гаранция, years 10
Размер на опаковката (Д x Ш x В), cm 22x10x10
Транспортно тегло, kg 1.32
Тип на призмата Поро
Увеличение, x 7
Диаметър на лещата на обектива (апертура), mm 50.0
Материал на оптиката BaK-4
Покритие на лещите с многослойно покритие
Коефициент на здрач 18.71
Относителна яркост 51.02
Зрително поле, m/1000 m 124
Близък фокус, m 5
Пълнеж на корпуса азот
Устойчивост на влага True
Измервателна скала True
Размер класически
Приложение морски, лов и риболов, военен/полеви
Бърза поръчка Без формалности
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