Стереомикроскоп Bresser Science ETD-201 8x–50x Trino Zoom

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  • Марка: Bresser GmbH, Germany
  • Кат. номер: 74317
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The Bresser Science ETD-201 is a high-quality stereo reflected-light and transmitted-light microscope. It is perfectly qualified for medical applications, the use in agriculture and forestry, in criminology, in academic and scientific institutes and schools, as well as for the assembly and quality assurance of components in precision mechanics and electronic engineering.

The extra wide foot with stage and exceptionally tall height range permit observations of large objects. The integrated reflected- and transmitted-light illumination can be used in combination and is dimmable. The angle of incidence can be user-friendly adjusted and locked in position. A continuous range of magnification from 8x to 50x is possible with the exchangeable wide field eyepieces (WF10x) and the 6.25-times stereo zoom objective lens (0.8x–5x).

The interpupillary distance and dioptre compensation can be adjusted individually. The trinocular microscope head is rotatable (360°) and comes with two 45° inclined eyepiece tubes and a separate camera tube for the attachment of a c-mount camera or MikroCam.

Very versatile power supply system via USB port and cable or mains adapter (both included).


  • Microscope for incident-light microscopy
  • Object stage with two-colour object plate and glass plate
  • LED illumination with stepless brightness adjustment
  • Exchangeable eyepieces
  • Universal USB power adapter with two adapter attachments

The kit includes:

  • Microscope zoom head
  • Microscope stand
  • 2x eyepiece (WF10x)
  • USB mains adapter (Euro and UK) and cable
  • Glass plate
  • Plastic plate (black&white)
  • Dust cover
  • Manual
МаркаBresser GmbH, Germany
Гаранция2 года
Размер на опаковката (Д x Ш x В)36x36x41 cm
Транспортно тегло6.82 kg
Главаможе да се завърта на 360°
Ъгъл на наклон на главата45°
Увеличение, x8 — 50
Диаметър на тръбата на окуляра, mm30
Обективи0,8–5x (променливо фокусно разстояние)
Работна дистанция, mm55 — 75
Регулиране на диоптъра на окуляра, диоптри±1
Регулиране на яркосттаyes
Захранванеизход: 5V
Потребителско нивоопитни потребители, за професионалисти
Приложениелабораторно/медицинско, училищен/образователен
Място на осветлениетодвойно
Метод за изследванена светлото поле
Торбичка/калъф/чанта в комплекткалъф